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A company which serves the best range of Filtration Plant & Machinery..

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We are in a good financial state, currently, we have recorded an annual turnover of INR 1,87,00,000.00, which itself reflects our success and position in the market.

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Excellent Growth Rate- It's been 7 years of our presence in the market, we have consistently attained growth and multiplied our turnover.

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Filtration of fluid is a necessity and common practice performed on water, oil, petroleum, juices, syrups and many other products. The companies that are involved in dealing such liquid products, invest on buying Filtration Equipment that help them in well doing their works. Krisha Filter Equipments started its business to become support of such companies by providing them the best Filtration Units. We stand tall in the race of filtration products, as we, manufacturer and supplier, serve Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, Transformer Oil Filtration Unit and many other products of the quality what end user and customers look for. Apart from filtration unit, customers can purchase Transformer Oil Change Machine. Each equipment provided by our company demonstrates uniqueness in design and perfection in terms of construction, shape, size, etc. These factors bring to us heavy orders on regular basis. Further, we are attracting clients and becoming their preferred partner due to our certain other qualities, among them, customer centric approaches are first.